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Distinctive seperation!

SWT Waste Technology (SWT) is a true specialist when it comes to waste separation. The company designs, produces and supplies ready-to-use systems and autonomously operating machines for the waste separation sector with the motto “Distinctive separation!”.

Based on years of international experience and innovative thinking, SWT always designs and manufactures an efficient waste separation system that meets all requirements and wishes of the customer.

The extensive product portfolio includes feeders, drum sieves, sieves, sorting stations, separators based on air, magnets and conveyor belts. These machines, if desired, form a system for separating waste by size, weight and type of material. Because SWT works exclusively with high-quality and durable materials, the systems and machines are of high quality and have a long service life with great reliability.

In this way SWT contributes to making the logistics process around the customer’s waste streams more efficient. Thinking along with the customer is therefore one of SWT’s strengths. The development and possibility of renting mobile sorting stations and mobile drum sieves in order to respond to the changing capacity needs of the customer are good examples of this.

Even after a system or machine is put into operation, SWT assists the customer with advice and action. Maintenance and service work can be performed according to contract by local suppliers so that the customer can rely on the reliability of the system or machine during its entire life.