Separation of light materials


The Airmagnet is designed to separate light waste material by means of suction.

The suction principle is based

upon the ratio between surface area and weight.

Wood, plastic, textile , paper and isolation materials can be separated by means of the Airmagnet.

The Airmagnet is able to separate waste fraction between 16 mm and 100 mm, 0,6 inch and 3.9 inch.

The Airmagnet can be placed above an (existing) screen which first separates the large scale waste from the fines.

A suction installation integrated in a stainless steel belt then separates the light waste according to the ratio of

surface and weight. The Airmagnet can be adjusted in height to the materials that have to be separated.


As an option you can add a cleaning brush to clean up the stainless steel belt.

The suction system is a dry principle so it does not generate any sludge or similair.

The Airmagnet will be supplied with a Fan and the necessary ducting. As an option on environment you can add acyclone or an cyclone and dust filter.